GHRP6 cycle only

  1. Exclamation GHRP6 cycle only

    Hi guys, im 28 and planning on running solely GHRP6 to help heal my nagging injuries. I have ordered 8
    Pharmaceutical name: Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide - 6
    Pack: 1 vial/5mg

    due to the fact you can only order unless you spend 150$ or more dollars. So i ordered a bulk amount, i have read numerous websites forums etc. I'm hoping i can receive some great help to kick start this as im New to Peptides/injections and some stuff is hard to grasp but with some help ill be on my way.

    I have read that doing 100-300mcg is a good dose or 150 x 2 a day split up between a 3 hour time period and only eat 15-35 minutes after injection., also im wondering what needle i should use i have read that using- 29g 1/2" needle and 1ml (cc),
    Needles Yellow 30g 1/2", Needles Grey 27g 1/2" is good for these kind of injections. Although im wondering if Injecting into the site of injury would be more beneficial in the aid of healing? i currently have a mild shoulder strain and forearm strain/some casual knee pain that is debilitating. I previously partially tore right bicep) 8 months ago is around 90-95% healed i can train with it but the strength isn't the same. I read some posts from some users saying that they healed there tears 110% better than previous when using GHRP6 site injections etc.

    last but not least i cant seem to grasp this BAC-water thing i can order from sterile syringe company i know of, they sell:
    Sterile Injection Water
    100ml Bottle----
    Benzyl Alcohol
    10ml Bottle

    with the 8 bottles purchased i was also wondering how would i store them and should i put all of them in the 1- BAC vial, cheers responses and help would be greatly appreciated.

    i also wanna know, 1: what time to take
    2ptimal dose for maintaining muscle and healing injuries etc
    3: how would i go about storing 8 vials of 5mg
    4: spot injection better for injury?
    5: how would i go about creating BAC water with sterile water and Benzyl alcohol
    6: side effects?
    7:high dose vs low dose
    8: anything else you can help answer would be great
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  3. 100 mcg 3-5 times a day. at least 3 hours apart. post training and pre bed will be your two most important shots

  4. store vials in the fridge. and spot injecting wont do anything

  5. cheers mac, how would i go about Reconstituting ? i have access to Sterile Injection Water (100 ml) also [U]Benzyl Alcohol 10 ml bottle

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mac_dad6 View Post
    store vials in the fridge. and spot injecting wont do anything
    should i store the other 7 in a freezer and just use the 1 bottle of GHRP6 and then reconstitute the next one, once i have run out. aslo what needle would be optimal for injecting?

  7. BUMP: they just arrived i put the other 7 in the fridge, i just put 2.5 mls of BAC water into my GHRP6:5mg vial now how much would i have to draw it to get 100mcg so i can start my cycle cheers.

  8. Use a slin pin
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  9. Google peptide calculator you will get the info you need there. Also jut a slin pin to stomach fat is all you need. Wake up pin. Wait 30 minutes eat. After workout pin. Again 30 min. Before bed pin on empty stomach. It will aid in sleep as well. You can throw a couple others in there randomly if your not happy with results but you will want to eat everything in your house which depending on your goals can be good or bad. I'd also look into stacking with cjc. And throw the other 7 in the freezer not the fridge. Keep the active mixed vial in the fridge and no not mix until your ready to use later that night or next day.

  10. if you used 2.5 ml of bac water, then you will need to draw to 5 iu's on a u100 slin pin


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