What should i use in conjunction with igf-1 lr3?

  1. What should i use in conjunction with igf-1 lr3?

    Hey folks, ive been on a long weight loss journey. I think my highest weight was 260 lbs at 5'10 3/4th inchs. I say i think because i only saw 255 on the scale but i wasn't weight conscious at that time and rarely checked so im sure it went a little higher. Anyway today i stand at i think the same height (haven't checked but haven't really grown) but im down to 195 lbs, problem is im still not where i want to be and ive been stuck here for a while. I've been looking at peptides recently and have been amazed at peoples results. Ive looked into lr3 and hgh frag im kinda leaning towards lr3.with that being said. What do you guys recommend to help lose 30 pounds while keeping muscle?

  2. Could go with Test-e or Test-C 200-500 mg / wk,

    plus Ipamorelin and Mod-GRF(1-29) 100ug ea, up to 4x/ day.

    Do your empty stomach cardio, and avoid wheat flour, sugar, and alcohol, and you will make progress!

  3. What do u mean by wheat flour

  4. Any flour that's made by wheat. Avoid gluten. Modified food starch modified corn starch. Anything that says wheat. Instead get gluten free noodles pasta cereals. Rice or corn. It's a great sub and a lot healthier. I'm a celiac so if you have any questions let me know. Most people dropping gluten will shed weight pretty fast. Gluten free bread can be expensive though. 4-5 bucks and up for a loaf of bread that's half the size of normal. It's usually in the freezer of the store. Staying away from wheat can also help out w insulin spikes and drops so if you have blood sugar issues this could help as well. And force you to eat cleaner. Lots of rice and sweet potatoes or reg potatoes instead of pasta. Do not pre cook corn pasta. It will harden again and within a day become very hard to eat.

  5. I would use albuteral or a ECY stack along with a mild anabolic cycle. Maybe 200mg test e, 400mg equipoise, 200mg tren e.

  6. Masteron.


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