I'm researching peptides before I commit to using them for weight loss/strength gains. I am a bit nervous, and probably won't go through with it, but have some questions anyway. Say I did a few weeks of CJC1295, enough to use a full bottle of 5mg (so say 5 total injections, every say 3 days). After that 2 weeks, i'd have a steady state of CJC-1295. But what if i wanted to transition to the no-dac version, which i've read seems to be a bit better (?) for men in many cases.
Assuming I was continuing to use ipamorelin 3x/day at 100-150mg, how many days would I wait after my last injection of CJC-1295 before I could start using the no-dac mod grf with my ipamorelin. What would be the risk of stacking CJC 1295 with mod grf when waiting for hte former to leave my system (and how long will that take assuming 2 weeks of use, 5mg total over that time).

Anyway just tryign to do that math here. This seems like a big pain just for the possibiilty of weight loss/growth improvements.