need someone knowsEXACLY what im doing and understands it

  1. need someone knowsEXACLY what im doing and understands it

    hello iv been doing a lot of reseaching and trying to find out if what im about to do is over kill( more then two in cycle).

    and if it isnt to much i need to know what times and when i should take these peptides.

    im 25 im 6ft2 im 95 kg and around 13/14% bf but you dont need to know that.

    i need a good protocal for my rat but i just can't find one with more then two of these peps all in the sameone.

    and also i under stand some of these peptides need to be cycled, and some you can run for as long as your walet lets you.

    what peps need to be cycled and how long do there cycles go for.

    the reason for using this stuff is to be at 7% bf and grown lean muscle, i want my lab rat to be shredded.

    i dont mind pinning 20 times a day haha.

    here they are.
    (im not using all of these just wanna know best ones to use for my rats goal)

    IGF-1 LR3.
    CJC-1295 DAC.

    if you could help me that would be awsome.

    also when i start my rat on this it will be running for 16 weeks tmax 400 witch is a sus 400mg/ml twice a week.
    tren ace for 12 weeks 2ml eod.
    hcg 250 iu monday and thursday for 20 weeks
    stanazol 80mg ed 12 week while on trenA.
    500 10mg anivar, witch will be 50mg ed 100 days
    and for pct there nover, clomd, aromasin and arimerdex.

    and my last question can my rat run peptides while doing its pct?.

  2. I was gonna read what u said but I'm not.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GLHF View Post
    I was gonna read what u said but I'm not.
    lol yup im thinking the same thing

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