Blue Top HGH

  1. Blue Top HGH

    Friend of mine decided not to use this kit. Gave it to me and I have no clue what to do with it. I've only taken anabolic steroids before. Never HGH. The vials have blue tops and no label. the box has no label either. but if you search on google "blue top no label hgh" you'll see a bunch of pics of exactly what I have.

    can someone give me with instructions on how to use?

    for instance how much water?

    how many CC's per injection? how many injections per week? i dont have a clue about this stuff...
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  2. It would really help to see the box it came in and the numbers on small side of it.

    First youneed to get a bacteriostatic water, insulin syringes and home pregnancy test.

    These look like the 100 IU Chinese generic Kit: 10iu/bottle. take one cc of bacteriostatic water and slowing put into vial with powder and swirl lightly. sharking will make it foam and you will not be able to use it for a while. each 1/10 on insuling syringe will be one IU of GH if legit.

    Once mixed. draw some 1/10 or 2/10 into insulin syringe and put into the home pregnancy test. If it tests positive, you have HCG not HGH. If its negative you have a good chance of it being legit or some type of gh peptide.

    To use take 2-5 iu per day first thing in the morning via sub Q shot. Just like insulin shot. pinch stomach fat with 2 finger and inject into area you have pinched together.

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