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IGF-1 LR3 help

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    IGF-1 LR3 help

    Can IGF-1 lr3 be taken post workout with ghrp-6 and mod grf 1-29 or dose it need to be spaced apart

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    if you go to datbtrue (dats forum) He talks about IGF-1 and negative feedback loop of GH.

    I space space them apart.

    first thing in AM:
    To get natural GH Pulse/Release
    GHRP6 250mcg
    Mod GRG1-29 100mcg

    wait half hour no food for fat burning effects.

    2 hour workout

    wait 15 minutes for Natural MGF to run its course, then I do

    Post workout 100mcg IGF-1 L3
    100gm protein shake with75gm oatmeal powder.

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