1. Kigtropin

    Found nothing on this in a search here. Anyone use or heard of? Blue tops with their name on them. Thanks

  2. No one really?!

  3. Same as hyge

  4. I knew someone had used it. Alot of fake talks on net. Green tops, blue tops... That's why I asked. Thanks bro

  5. I wish I could afford it!

  6. What's the problem? Almost the cheapest available....

  7. It's just alot of money up front and I'm a student.

  8. Ah ok, I got my own tuning garage in germany. Mhh I love amg owners with special wishes, they spend money like nothing.

  9. Well I'm saving up to do a 6 month run with Gh and peptides

  10. Good idea. I run jintropin along with peptides. Makes really a noticeable difference. How you plan to run it?

  11. 100mcg modgrf/100mcg hex or ghrp 2 then ten minutes later 2iu's of Gh...3x a day

    I'm running hex and modgrf 3x a day right now

  12. Oh yeah bro, you will love it. I do 100mcg modgrf, 200ghrp6, ten minutes layer 2 I.u., almost like you will. Powerful stack, progress is amazing, much faster then just with gh. Overall shape changed in short time, faster then you would believe.

  13. U doing three shots a day

  14. Yes forgot to mention that. 3times ghrp/modgrf but the gh just with the shot post workout.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by foxpharma View Post
    Yes forgot to mention that. 3times ghrp/modgrf but the gh just with the shot post workout.
    nice that would save a bit of money, i am planing on banging 2iu of gh with all three of my doses for a total of 6ius aday. im having to save up for 600iu, that will get me a 100 day supply.

  16. If you do that bro you explode that will make serious results! Do you use aas with it?

  17. i have not yet. i just came off a little over a month ago, used peps during pct and i go back on in august.

  18. I use it with aas. I'm really amazed of this cycle at the moment. I'm interestet in you results without aas. What can you say at the moment? Any difference? All together with aas is really a strong compound.

  19. yeah, pct was cake! after heavy lifting i recover in hours not days. slowly making quality gains.. its deffenatly worth using off cycle too

  20. Good to hear that, I want to use it pct too. I really love these peptide stack

  21. Yeah I've enjoyed it


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