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    Got 1ml IGF-1 LR3 and 2ml of MGF. Best way to use?Timing?And ordered acetic acid and sodium chloride but only received the sodium chloride. Emailed them to get it but isnt there away to use it with the sodium chloride and keep it active by preloading each pin then freezing them? Need to start, trying to get back to work after car accident. Hoping this will speed the healing process. Also I am hearing conflicting views on when to use the two. I am currently doing MGF after workouts and and IGF 20 min later. But I've heard different ways so not sure if I am doing it the best way.

  2. Got the acetic acid finally I just trust it more than water for life extension of IGF. Damn stupid question I know this. my bad aa all the way
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  3. use mgf pre w/o. Mgf build satelit cells that works huge synergistik with igf-1 to build new muscle cells. mgf needs 40-60min to build satelit cells. your "anabolic window" in your frsh destroyed muscles is open for max 1 hour. So the mgf and igf can only work about 10 mins. Run the MGF pre w/o and the IGF-1 lr3 emidiatly after w/o. Run just mgf on rest days, no igf ro prevent desentication. good luck for your goals. It will help the healing process, run it IM in damaged areas. I fixed my torred biceps with that combo.

  4. Thank you so much I really do appreciate man. Makes since!

  5. No Problem bro!


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