I just started using P-gh from universialkits. Im doing .25ml 2 or 3 times a day. A few minutes after injection I get a tingly feeling, and feel kind of ****ed up. Its a good feeling IMO. I have been loosing fat like crazy, but that could be the 7keto/EYCA/Sesathin/Lipo Ultra...(yea just maybe) Lifts arent going up or down, its too soon to tell on the P-gh, but I like the fact that I can sleep better while on it, and I also like the ****ed up feeling while on it. I will be adding IGF-1 to the cycle for 25 days at 40mcgs a day. After that I think I will bulk if I can see my abs and have no love handles. I dont know my current weight or bodyfat, but I would guess it to be anywhere from 187-195 and bodyfat from 15-17 percent. I still have fat over my abs, but I am starting to see the outline of them. Ill keep you guys updated with the results of this combo. I have done IGF once in the past and liked it.