1. HGH?

    Im very much unhappy with my bone structure(foot, ankle, hand, calf size.) I'm considering starting HGH at age 23. I've also been lifting since I was about 20 and notice a loss of motivation, general drive etc. My test levels were taken recently and came back low(383), but were 700 when I was 19.

    My doctor said it varies and said he thought I was fine and would not even retest me. I disagree, as I notice all the signs of low t, not to mention my levels were shown to be in the low range. I am also young, not obese, and have a fairly good diet. I should note they were taken in the morning when they are high as well. Although, I'd like to start test, I'm more interested in HGH. I was thinking about a 6 to 8 month cycle. I was prescribed adderall for a good majority of my life and I'm aware that this pushes back maturation. I believe my growth plates could possibly still be open.

    I was wondering what you all thought of this logic and situation. I have many questions, but most of them are against forum rules.


  2. HGH isnt a supplement so post in the right section
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla
    HGH isnt a supplement so post in the right section
    Are you telling me that HGHup isn't pure unadulterated somatotropin??! I'm on to you guys
    Cultivating Mass.

  4. Don't take HGH.
    Take a GHRH like GHRP2 or Hexarelin instead, aswell as a GHRF, it will give you better results.

  5. Hghup is actually a really good product, i have been through one cycle of it and it was amazing. within the first week i started sleeping better and when you follow the direction on the bottle correctly you get great strength gains and good results. especially if you time the dosages right, had mad energy during my workout. only con is the pills are very large. other then that its an overall great product.



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