HGH Dosage Question - PLEASE HELP!

  1. HGH Dosage Question - PLEASE HELP!

    Hello fellow bodybuilders/athletes/power-lifters, etc...!!

    I recently decided to explore the exciting world of HGH. A buddy of mine gave me a "cycle's worth" of Somatropin. I've read a lot through these forums and can't seem to find exactly how to answer my question about dosage.

    I just want some experienced advice on how to best utilize the equipment I have...that being:

    (1) bottle of Bacteriostatic water, 30mL
    (10) yellow-capped vials of Somatropin, 10iu each
    (1) large syringe (for transferring bacteriostatic water to somatropin vials), 3 cc/mL
    (50) 28-gauge, 1/2 cc U-100 insulin syringes (for injection)

    My buddy, a jacked personal trainer, recommended I transfer 1.5 cc/mL (half the big syringe) bacteriostatic water into the Somatropin vial, and after the powder is dissolved, to pull and inject 2.1 units (up to the "21" line out of 50 lines) from the small syringe to my abdomen. He suggested that I inject into a different "ab" each weekday morning, and that each vial will last me a week or so for a total of 10 weeks.

    The problem is I have finished my first week, injecting once every morning, and there still seems to be plenty of GH remaining in the vial (perhaps another week's worth?)...I am calling out to all experts, of either bodybuilding/science/medicine, to advise me if I am supplementing myself correctly with the proper dosage.

    A little about myself, if it's of any importance (please skip over if you don't a ****): I am 22, 5'7", 175 plbs, collegiate wrestler, and just graduated college. Got a job and stopped lifting for over a month, so I decided to try GH as motivation to get back in shape.

    I don't care to hear about side effects, how to mix the stuff, blah blah blah...I understand all of that. Please just let me know if there's a better way of dosing, i.e. "Put 1 mL of Bacteriostatic water into each vial instead of 1.5 mL", or "you should be injecting 3 units instead of 2.1" etc..

    Thank's a lot guys! I look forward to hearing some good advice.

  2. Google "Peptide Calculator", that way you understand what dosage you are giving yourself. Best of luck.

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