My mind is juggling what to take..

  1. My mind is juggling what to take..

    I've been snooping around and I decided I wanted to cycle some of the following..

    In about a month I'm going to be doing a cycle of Test C..

    I wanted to run some of the following with it for 4 weeks..

    IGF-1 Lr3

    The thing is I can't decide what I should run..What will get best results..What will make the most moneys worth..

    I was thinking of running CJC&GHRP with it...Thought about running IGF-1 Lr3 solo with it...Hell if I had the money I'd throw it all in the bunch..

    But can someone shed some light on this and help me make my mind up lol.. What I'm really looking to do is put on some real nice size gains while shed some fat..

  2. The best stack would be
    GHRP-2 and CJC 1295 (w/o DAC), you will get great results and your moneys worth .

  3. what would be a good daily/weekly dose for each. from what i read, for. 6 week cycle ill need atleast 2 viles of each.

  4. 100 mcg of each 3 times a day. I would consider running the IGF1 throughout the entire cycle at 20-30mcg everyday as well. It has been shown to keep your nuts at full size during cycle.

  5. I've never read where anyone's nuts shrank doing only a cjc-1295/ghrp-2 cycle, or any Peptide



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