question on hgh frag

  1. question on hgh frag

    Does the HGH frag mobilize fat more than ghrp-6? Could it be stacked with ghrp-6/cjc1285 with DAC?

    is it commenly faked?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. hgh 176-191 and hgh 177-191 are fat burners. Yes it can be stacked with cjc or ghrp.

    Not sure if it's counterfeited much.

  3. thanks man I will mos def pick a vial or two up coming soon

    my fockin rat is fat and I wanna test this on him for a hypothesis on HGH frag

  4. Just get gh bro, it is well worth the money. Don't waste your time with frags, I use to be solely a peptide guy back in college because thats all I could afford, now I will never touch anything but gh after being on for over a year. I truly wish I would have saved my money I wasted on all the other peptides.

    But frag beats ghrp6

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