Prami, Letro gyno Oh my!

  1. Thumbs down Prami, Letro gyno Oh my!

    Will be running the fabled "prami-letro stack" to rid myself of a little PS AAS gyno. Nothing major, but my "best" muscles are mah pecs, so they look like tits without the gyno as it stands.

    Have some thoughts before I begin, if Pramalamadindong is a dopamine agonist, would smoking daherb blunt/destroy its effect? Also would rubbing some Vicerate shmoulduh on mah nipz makem more tempted tah burn off le' adipose, or jut get inflammed and boobalicious?

    Things I do know (to avoid useless proliferation of whats urrwurr on deez thredz already)

    1. Not to expect much/permanent results
    2. Taper, dosing, proticol
    3. what gyno is or isn't (yahprolly dontave Tha BTs mahnig)
    4. The human body is not (has not) made (teh-volved to) handle dis ish
    5. You sir, are an effing genius (why thanks)

    Sincerely, all input is acceptable and appreciated, if you have dosing proticol you think is going to be best that I must know then I wont hax ur shiyte, find you, kill you, and rape your dog. Instead I will most likely say something awesome like "thanks man, I might try that." Unless it involves prami up de az$, because I like my sphyncter dopamines intact, yo mamma like de flavuh.

  2. I don't know what the hell I just read?

    Could you post your protocol?


  3. Im sorry for using confusing language. Essentially I wondering if inhaling THC from cannibis smoke will cause pramipexole to be mostly ineffective (due to the dopamine contradictions). Also I was wondering if rubbing eviscerate smolder of my nipples whilst running this protocol would be beneficial.

  4. ProtoCAL
    D1: .25mg of L&P
    D2: .5mg L, .25mg P
    D3: .75mg L, .5mg P
    D4: 1mg L .5mg P

    From there I plan to stick to that ED for 40 days, If results are not apparent within 14 days I plan on adding an extra .25mg to both doses.

  5. why is this in IGF1 section I dont get it

  6. Wrong section.
    I don't know what "Prami" is as i've been away for awhile now but i do know is if Letro is run right you can rid of all gyno or at least make it a negligible amount.

  7. I can only comment on the Letro part of your stack. I got Gyno about 8 weeks ago for the first time, been using gear for 20 + years. I know there are a bunch of dosing protocols out there but here is what I did and it worked great. 1.25mg EOD for 4 weeks, then down to .63mg EOD for two weeks, .3mg EOD since. The sensitivity in the nipples went away after 7 days and the lumps were all gone in three weeks. The stuff really hits your sex drive hard, everything still works fine but you just don't have the desire. When I cut back to .3mg the sex drive started to return. I am starting my PCT on Monday and I plan to run the letro at an even lower dose through PCT.
    Good Luck

  8. I suppose I put this in the IGF1 section because I associate peptides with Pramipexole, and loosely with letrozole. I apologize for the confusion I may have caused. Prami is a dopamine agonist, used to treat parkinson' (which is a result of too much dopamine).
  9. Lightbulb help

    I have gyno just purchased letro 0.5 mg and 1.5 mg and prami 0.5 mg i do not know the proper dosage nor the conversion rate if some one could please help

  10. I had a small lump under the left nip and very sore and puffy left nip... and I used .5 mg letro for 5 days then .25mg for another 3 days then two caps erase and for 2 weeks and it went down significantly. No puffiness in the nipple either.

    Watch the letro... I tried 1.5 mg one day and I got super dizzy...had vision probs too... Prob ****ty research chems and not the that I think about it.

    Gyno Killer!

    Here's some info that got me started... My shiz wasn't too bad so I didn't need to run it as high as that guy...

    I'm running androhard next... Heard it works wonders for gyno prevention/reversal.
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