Im really confused with this measurement of ghrp-6 please help

  1. Im really confused with this measurement of ghrp-6 please help

    OKay so i need to measure out 250mcg of GHRP-6 3x a day

    i googled this and still could not get any awnsers

    they come in a 5mg vial

    i have a 100u slin pin-

    im looking at the 10 unit mark

    there are 4 hash marks and then the 10 unit hash mark after these four.

    If i am correct 250mcg is halfway between the 2nd hash mark and the 3rd hashmark"

    is this correct?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. It depends on how much BW you used to reconstitute.

    5mg peptide + 2.5ml BW = 200mcg for every 10iu (or 5 ticks on slin pin). That would equate to 20mcg per iu or 40mcg per tick. So just do the math from there to calculate your dose

  3. Agreed. Depends on amount of bac water. Follow leggo my ego and you should be set. Look at your pin. 2ml bw to 5 mg equals 2.5mg per 1ml/cc. That's 2500 mcg per 1ml/cc. So 1/10 is 250mcg. Your pin should be 1ml/cc. Just another example. IMO more bw makes easier to measure.

  4. google...peptide reconstitution calculator. i used it. im a week into ghrp-6. good stuff.



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