GH Mixing IU question

  1. Question GH Mixing IU question

    say i got a 10ml vial of hgh, I inject 1 ml of bacteriostatic water to much iu/ml will this yield? I want to take 4iu/day but I don't know how to get this in ml.

  2. well using a slin pin it should be pretty easy. using a 1ml you would draw out to 4 clicks.

    10iu/ml = 1iu/(1/10)ml

    i could be wrong
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  3. you have a 10ml vial of hgh???
    do you know how many iu's are in this vial?

  4. You have a 10 IU bottle of HGH you mean.

    If you Mix 1 ML of BW with 10 IU of HGH the equation is simple:

    .1 ML = 10 Units on Slin Pin = 1 Unit of HGH

    1 ML is the same as 1 CC or 100 Units on the Slin Pin. So after mixing, the powder becomes a water based formula in which there is 1 unit of HGH for every 10 units of liquid that goes into the syringe....

    If this still does not make sense you are screwed...

  5. yeah they are 10IU bottles and I have to put 1ml of the water into them slowly, and then i can use. thanks for the help guys



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