acetic acid 6%???

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    acetic acid 6%???

    I got my hands on some Acetic Acid, 1 M (6% v/v), Laboratory Grade, 1 L
    through non conventional form. How do I make it into the .06%.

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    i have been wondering this myself....some of us arent chemists here
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    Why not just buy from one of the Peptide companies. I do and it saves on alot of headaches. First of all if you go ahead and mix it with vinegar and the vinegar is stronger or weaker than what is on the label then you will f*** up the peptide. Yes, they are that fragile and to be honest I do not feel like throwing my hard-earned money down the toilet to find out I could have spent $14.00 to buy the real thing.

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    6 parts distilled water, 1 part AA. AA is just vinegar, now dilute it to the strength you want. Filter is through a .22 and ur fine.
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