Total Beginner: Needing help!

  1. Total Beginner: Needing help!

    Hey guys so Ive been reading some topics on here..I decided to become a member and post my own. I would really like some advice, im a total beginner and have not taken any roids or GH's. I use to weigh 125lbs, and now I weigh 150lbs of muscle mass and a bit of fat(more on the tummy). I really would like to take IGF-1, so my question is, where and how can I get GOOD IGF-1 shipped to me and also I am wondering if it is the best thing for me to take?

    I am 20 years old, taking a weight gainer called Mutant Mass(1060cals, 52gprotein, 187g carbs)...I goto the gym everyday. I have done my research on IGF-1 but I'd like some feedback on if it is a great product to take for gaining mass? My ideal weight I would want to be at is 180-190lbs of muscle mass, not getting cut.

  2. OK. Im just going to say. You should state your nutritional daily intake. Because without that other people wont be able to help you. Because at 150, id be eating everything I can get my hands on. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Hm, Okay my whole nutritional intake for one day(estimation):
    2800-3600 calories, 400-425g Carbs, 130g of protein.

    I could also post my whole nutrional plan if you would like? Please let me know if that info is not too accurate enough.

  4. Thats almost 1kcal difference... Great estimate haha... Anyways, get at least 150 grams of protein. 1-1.5 grams of protein per lb...

  5. well it varies in there..i usually get an average of 3400-3600 cals per day..i try and eat every 2 hours... But even then, do you think taking IGF-1 will help me in me gaining weight and putting on nice muscle mass as well as strength..?

  6. Correction on the protein I take, I take about 140-160 grams of protein. It depends on what and how much I eat. And sometimes I think it might be even higher than that since I LOVE to eat alot of meat(chicken/beef/lamb)

  7. so you guys think its a good product for me to take to increase muscle size in overall?


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