HGH Post-Op (shoulder injury)

  1. HGH Post-Op (shoulder injury)

    Hey everyone,

    Looking if anyone can give me recomendations on using HGH (length of cycle, etc) to speed up and enhance the recovery from the surgery I am about to undergo.
    I'm a 20 year old college student, I consider myself very active. The one hobby in my life that keeps me from going insane is Mixed Martial Arts, I live to train. Unfortunately, my body constantly screams out against it.
    At age 17 I developed rotator cuff problems, which soon turned into recurrent shoulder dislocations (BAD ones). I underwent an arthroscopic Bankarts repair on my shoulder to repair the damage, and since then things have been going great, and the shoulder has held up perfectly.

    That is, until, a few days ago, where I 'rolled' (that means wrestled with submissions) against a 310 lb butterball. Stupid decision. He got on top and sprawled his weight on top of me when I was on all fours, and it was so much that it literally made my shoulder collapse and RUINED the surgery I had gotten years previously.
    Now, I'm having to go a much more severe surgery, an OPEN bankharts repair (much larger incision, much more invasive), which HOPEFULLY will eventually see me on the mats again (but not against sumo wrestlers anymore).

    Anyways, this is the last surgery I can undergo ''healthily''. Anything after this and I'm looking at not having a right arm anymore.

    I've read about and am SERIOUSLY considering cycling GH for a few months after my surgery to make sure I get all the recovery I can possibly get. Is this a good idea at such a young age? I have an offer from a professional bodybuilding trainer (friend of mine) for $400 a cycle, is this a good deal? He said I would need around 3 months to get the results I desired.
    Just wondering if any of you guys know an optimal cycle length, and whether or not this is a good deal for GH. Was thinking of starting out anywhere from 1 to 2 IU's per day...
    ANY help would be appreciated. I'm at a real low point in my life right now, I can barely even lift my arm . I just cant wait to get this surgery behind me and hopefully develop my strength and flexibility back as much as it was.

    Thanks, hope to hear from some of you

  2. Come on, nobody has any advice at all?

    HGH good or no good for post-op recovery? Would gear be more bang for my buck?

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