Acetic Acid & HGH - avoids loss of potency after recon?

  1. Cool Acetic Acid & HGH - avoids loss of potency after recon?

    I recently ordered a batch of HGH and have recently been researching the best way to reconstitute it. I have 10iu vials and take 2iu's per day (mainly for sleep, energy, sex drive assistance not muscle growth)

    What i have found is that and correct me if i am wrong.

    Mixing with Sterile Water - the vail is good for 24 hours
    Mixing with Bac Water - the vail is good for 2-5days

    now my supplier forwarded me this quote "Acetic acid will hold all peptides for a few weeks at the same purity" I know people use AA for IGF and Insulin.

    Over 5 days surely using AA is better than BW for HGH?

    Is anyone else heard of or better yet doing this?
    Also any AA suppliers?

  2. cant help u with locating anything, but 95% of users use HGH reconsituted with bac water.

  3. the problem for me is getting bac water as i live in Aus, its either sterile water or make my own Acetic Acid out of white vinegar. My aim is to maintain my hgh potency over 5 days. May have to look into getting BW over the internet

  4. Peptides are pH sensitive- using AA would destroy the peptide. With the exception of IGF Lr3 which needs a more acidic pH to remain stable.

    Im not sure where you got the quotes regarding reconstitution peptide stability-
    Bacteriostatic water is relatively pH neutral. Sterile water (Injection/USP) should also be relatively pH neutral. With that said (and I dont mean to insult) regarding sterile water- I hope you dont mean the sterile water in jugs at the store....


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