Injuries and hgh or igf help heal?

  1. Question Injuries and hgh or igf help heal?

    Hi everyone i need some advice here recently i underwent some injuries that i really want 2 correct and i really don't want 2 go under the knife again i will try anything and everything to avoid surgery again.... First the injuries i tore my tfcc in my wrist which i did @ work neither of these injuries occured in the gym!! for those of you who are like wtf is the tfcc? The TFCC (triangular fibrocartilage complex) is a segment of cartilage in the wrist joint. The TFCC is considered the 'wrist meniscus,' because it functions very similar to the knee meniscus. The TFCC is also prone to cartilage tears that can cause symptoms of wrist pain and clicking or catching sensations. Eventually my Dr recommended surgery which i underwent and it was a success supposedly but i don't really feel that much of an improvement i am 7 months out of surgery and just starting up in the gym again but very light workouts...... The other injury i have is a tear of the labrum in my shoulder which if my memory is correct affected one of my bicep tendons partial tear i believe so.... my ? is i have done a lot of reading about hgh being great for collagen synthesis thus healing tendons and ligaments i believe due 2 its effect on igf levels which is the real culprit in the healing so anyone out there with a knowledge of this would be greatly appreciated as i do not want to go under the scope or knife again.... i was told to avoid it unless there is no other option and i wish i would have listened so i am now taking that advice........ anyone who has done this to heal tendon/ligament injuries or knows a great deal of it please share your knowledge
    Sincerley, a desperate bodybuilder weightlifter in tremendous "dark times" thanks guys

  2. Please try with Igf-1lr3 at 30-40 mcg near the site of injury. If you affraid it will go to much in systemic- go with 15 mcg of it ( asuming you have good product )
    it will speed up healing proces much better in regard of HGH.
    for tendons -you need to use it- in a way of little streching and flex and extend it without weights. tendons needs to work in healing proces to heal properly.

  3. cant wait to give it a try hope it fixes my problem

  4. I agree w popo, igf has helped me with recovering from my pec tears...injected 25mcg right into the site of the tears, once to twice a week, and it helped me tremendously...Good luck brother....take it slow...itll come around.

  5. I have read that PEG MGF is what would contribute the most to muscle repair.

  6. if i recall, you need to inject INTO the tendon. I think thats how everyone recomend it. Im sure close to would suffice though. I would keep it under 20mcgs. Longer use, not worth jackign up the dose for only this.

    peg-MGF is supposed to help with satelite cells being repaired so sure, itll help if anythign else in the area had a little damage.

  7. when i tore my labreum in my shoulder i used hg 6 iu a day (3x 2iu) ed. for 3 mos. and it did wonders for me. sounds like everybody is a fan of igf instead. i've never used it but the gh worked out great for me. good luck


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