What gives?!

  1. What gives?!

    Just opened up my order from PHF today. 2 Ment and 5 Trenavar. Everything looks good, but I opened up one of the packs of Trenavar because it looked different than the other, and in fact, it was. It only had 67 caps in it. So then I freaked out and checked everything else which were all correct, so now I have to deal with the issue of preserving freshness, but that's my own fault really.

    Point being, is there a way I can rectify this pack of Trenavar having only 67 caps in it? Or is there a reason that happened? I'm confused. Did I shoot myself in the foot by opening it?

  2. You'll have to address this issue with the store, and I cant speak about or give any advice on any store issues here, as it is against the rules here.
    PHF Rep


  3. +1 For PHF customer support. Thanks for the expedient response and help!
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