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Why was Oratropin discontinued?

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    Why was Oratropin discontinued?

    Used to love this product (oral igf-1 solution)

    Any chance of bringing it back ever or a similar product?

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    wow talk about a supplement that is looooooong gone!!!!

    it was pulled from the market cause the folks who owned the patent for the delivery matrix that was included and essentially the entire reason it worked orally no longer wanted anything but pharmaceutical associations and having a product like oratropin and the other tropins sold by a company also selling hormones (Steroids) marketed as supplements wasnt the best for their image....

    really sucks cause I never took advantage of trying them out for free when I could...

    dont expect these to ever come back... but it would be tits if someone could figure out how they worked and reverse engineer the stuff so we could have it again... but again... dont expect such a thing
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    Thanks for the nfo
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