Bola and DAA Question

  1. Bola and DAA Question

    Hi there. Was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if running Bola and a natural test booster like DAA by Nutraplanet together just to keep the "sack in tact" is a bad idea? Would this hurt my bola results? possibly improve them? Could it mess up my body? etc. I've taken boladrol b4 and experienced some awesome leaning results. Gonna up my calories this time through for some bulk. Just wanted to know about the DAA because last time I took it i felt like my libido was shottttt.



  2. It can only help. In fact, I'd suggest a good test base like Dermacrine instead. Then, add the DAA in with your PCT. I have run DAA before a cycle and with PCT after. I liked it better after. I don't have any bloods to verify with but it "felt" better.
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  3. Dermacrine isn't sold anymore though... go for AMS 4-ad for a test base...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by thehuge908 View Post
    Dermacrine isn't sold anymore though... go for AMS 4-ad for a test base...
    I thought that the NTBM guys picked it up under one of their supplement comanies?
    Training around a jacked up neck.

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