Introducing The New Anabolic Trinity

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  1. Oral trenbolone that elicits comparable effects? I have to say that if this stuff works (based on testers and logs) I will be stocking up on it, but as of now I am extremely skeptical, seems way to good to be true. I can't imagine it being more powerful than Dienolone. Products such as trenazone work amazing and the hormone is only similar in structure to tren. What can I say legal tren would be incredible hopefully they manage to pull it off. People seemed rather underwhelmed with IBE's last few new compounds (boladrol and protomax), as a matter of fact IBE hasn't really had a break out product since their epistane clone.

  2. Im very optimistic about trenavar, and I just want to add a few minor comments and caveats to what you wrote, I feel protomax was not well received because people want sd like results from everything, but proto can yield some great lean gains, if expectations are kept realistic, with virtually zero side effects.

    When speaking in terms of Boladrol, it is pretty much love or hate, there are people who will swear its one fo the best things theyve tried and others who will swear its one of the worst, I cant put my finger on why this happens, I expect it comes down to variables in diet, training, body type, and even something as simple as digetsion and/or absorption, but the fact remains, as much as the company brings in, sells out and gets people asking for more.

    And finally, when you speak of Epistane, please dont confuse people calling it a clone, rpn and ibe were in esseintially a race to bring the same product to market many years ago, and rpn and ibe are the innovators, Epistane is not a clone, it is the original (or with respect to the old dsade run rpn, one of the originals).
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  3. I meant no disrespect with my post. I was not aware that IBE was one of the first to bring epistane to the market, but it makes sense considering many of these designer steroids have not been around that long. And you are right about the general feedback of boladrol being mixed, but that is what I meant by the user feedback hasn't been great. For example compounds like superdrol work on practically everyone, just some like it a lot more than others; and this is mainly due to how much sides they experience and/or how well they tolerate it. My point is with compounds like s drol, h drol, epi, pheraplex there's nobody arguing whether or not they work, just whether or not they like it. With boladrol people were at a disagreement on it's effectiveness. That isn't to say that it doesn't work. Hey on that not I wish someone would attempt to produce dimethyl dienelone (that should would be crazy) or make a phera clone haha I think this is unrealistic. Anyway back to the point I have high hopes for Trenavar, I REALLY hope it meets good feedback because I will stock the hell up on it. But as of now I am skeptical, if that makes sense.

    -And thanks for the reply.

  4. Ya know now that I think about it it makes perfect sense that IBE was one of the first to bring it to market considering everyone always compares other epic to IBE's.


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