epi and its ai properties

  1. epi and its ai properties

    can u shed some light on this .... because epi gave me gyno from 1 week of 2 tabs

    can post pictures

  2. this is actual amazing the fact that ibe reps come on here sayin the that the ai properties in there products reduced there gyno but wont comment on it giving me gyno

  3. Sorry we missed responding to you, a bump might have helped us catch your post. As far as the gyno, all I can really say is unfortunately, you are in the minority on this issue, many, many people have posted comments about reductions, but this is yet another glaring example that everyone reacts differently to different compounds. Some people are non-responders, some people get fantastic results, and unfortunately some people get unwanted side effects, while others get none.
    PHF Rep

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