NEED help with IBE ordering and customer service!!

  1. Unhappy NEED help with IBE ordering and customer service!!

    Hey guys I posted somthing on an older thread in despiration! I ordered epistane from and have not recieved an email, cannot email them, and cannot call them. This guy a few months back experianced the same problem and a rep chimmed in and help him. I have read nothing but good things from this company bu am really getting worried that I just lost 70 bucks!! I don't mind just waiting if I know it has been shipped. I'm just worried that their whole IT department is down and all they recieved was my money and not my order. Can somone please give me some imput and maybe get a rep to help me!! Thanks alot

  2. PM me your order info, and I will see what I can find out.
    PHF Rep


  3. Come guys what do you think of the situation I am in? Just more tech problems and everything should do fine? Are there any tech IBE reps on that can maybe explain some of this to me? Thanks

  4. Hey man did you get this resolved ? are you sure it was an IBE website you ordered from ?

  5. Yeah I called on Monday and they weren't very sorry about the situation and seemed as if it wasn't a big deal. However he said their printer was broken and they weren't receieving orders,just peoples money. They shipped my package and it arrived 6 days later. My question is how the hell can a company go for months without a printer and operating on a half assed level??anyway if the pills are not bunk and I get good gains I will overlook everything and stand bye ibe. If they are bunk I will follow up with this thread and express myself.



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