4 Week Epistane Cycle Begins Today

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  1. And they have some damn bad selling pts on this about how u shouldnt take any maltodextrin b4 your workout lol because it makes you fat, Carbs spike your blood sugar so u get the drive to push thru your workout lol so u take Preworkout then take Maltodextrin while working out and basically u turn to god. It's all the formula to being strong.

  2. ive been using jacked for about a week and didnt experience these headaches b4 until yesterday except for a little dizziness here n there.. i started with 1 scoop and now im at 2scoops.. i love it though it gets me so focued and pumped at the gym mayb its the combo of the caffine n yohimbe that givres me headache...about and hr and half b4 workout i usually eat a meal and drink a rotien shake with some glycomaize..rapid heartbeat is usual just faster with jacked


  3. Quote Originally Posted by qnzlilshotta View Post
    damn bro your nuts...860 nicee...i never even touched that machine..ill give it a try on fri..leg day and see how much i can do
    I just blew out my left knee watching that. Haaaazuuuussss!!

  4. :P ya it was heavy but not enough im a do 1000lbs next, and ya that could be i drink Endorush By Bsn its ****ing rediculous and then drink waxy maize b4 and turn to god.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MattRoeske View Post
    :P ya it was heavy but not enough im a do 1000lbs next, and ya that could be i drink Endorush By Bsn its ****ing rediculous and then drink waxy maize b4 and turn to god.

  6. from the looks of it it looks like you cant load on any more plates on to that machine

  7. No u can add, 100lb plates, to take place of the 45lbs lol, We have the old Power House Gym, So this is just like an everyday thing we used to have like 5 guys come in do squat competitions, all kinds of ****, everybody @ our gym is like 3x the size of normal ppl lol and in order for the 1000lbs i just need my knee to heal lol, it still hurts. ALl cuz those f'ing stairs.

  8. cool bro the biggest plates in my gym is 45lbs...every gym ive been to only seen 45lbs. never knew 100lb plates existed lol
  9. Thumbs up Something to think about

    Actually Epi is quite mild. I've run numerous cycles with it.(But with with significant time off between each). I love it. Its not really a "bulker". What gains you do realize are quite lean, and very gradual.If you want your results to be permanent,gradual is better.You might want to consider a "Pulsing" cycle ala DR.D. Search the AM archives if you don't know what pulsing is. When "pulsing" the cyle ends up being much longer (8-10wks vs. 4-6wks), and when it comes to EPI no formal PCT is really necessary, save for maybe some Reservatrol taken for about a month. I did have blood work at the front end of my EPI cycles, and upon finish. NO statistical difference.
  10. Cool Great alternative

    Here,.... I'll save you some time, but you should still read some of DR.D's threads on pulsing. You dose EOD. example; Mon, Wed and Fri,ramping up quickly. Start at 10mg,move to 20mg, then 30mg. The dosages are taken once per dosing day, and early in the day. With pulsing, you get a majority of the benefits of the particular substance vs. a trivial amount if any of the side effect. Especially any HPTA suprression. Plus the cycle is longer, so a greater amount of time for your own metabolic machinery to adjust to keeping that additional muscle mass you are vreating.Its awesome!

  11. theres many on AM that pulsed and got the same results as a straight run of the compound except for the sides such as acne...i might pulse on my next cycle but then again i wanna do a stack next time....maybe 1-t and epi

  12. Im just going to buy Test and Do that lol. In the summer, No more pills lol
  13. Mass Stack

    Well with the results I've gotten with EPI, and you wanting more mass gains. Why not Phera/Epi,........Oh but you're poor girlfriend/wife,...you'd end up drilling to china for the whole cycle

  14. Well, I just finished a superdrol/tren cycle with pretty good results. I gained 8 lbs. of muscle with no change in bodyfat %. This was a pulse cycle so I took 20 mg of Superdrol on 4x a week and 60 mg 4x a week. It was more dry gains vs. wet gains so my joints did take a little of a beating. My strength gains were scary cause my heaviest weight felt easy sometimes which led to joint strain. My muscles could handle the loads but, my joints took longer to adjust. But, I have proven this much to myself that epistane isn't the only steroid that can be pulsed.

  15. im into week 3 of pct about to start week 4 tomorrow.. started taking pcs by ai week 3 and holy cow my libido is way up along with the supersap ive been taking the past 2 weeks.... SuperSap + Post Cycle Support is the shtt 4 lobido increase also noticing my balls droped and are returning to normal size..erection size and strength looks back to normal!!

  16. Lol My erection size is thru the roof still but my balls r up at my d-ck lol Idk they wont drop for some reason lol, only like randomly throughout the day, I think my test is just so high from Trib- I have like 2 days left of clomid because it'll be like day 40 lol. But i was also on a very heavy cycle, so i might extend that out. or throw some Novladex in there

  17. the only time my balls are up are while lifting an maybe about an hour after lifting then all is good.. i dropped the yohimbe due to the headaches and not bring able to used JACKED while on it.. but supersap and PCS is the bomb thriw in some PcS im still running nolva for the last week at 10mg per night... no gyno...di creatine helped keep my gains nd im still gaining!! i wanna hit the 175 lb mark by the summer

  18. I am starting my first PH cycle today. Just took my first 20 mg of Havoc. What should I expect to feel?

  19. read my forum....didnt really notice much gains until about week 3-4..the only thing ive noticed within the first 2 weeks were balls shrinking, a little acne, and a nice pump at the gym

  20. got 3 days left of nolva to complete a 4 week pct of nolva currently taking PCS. would it be ok to just cut nolva now..i think im getting acne from the nolva nothing too serious but pimples on my face in places where they never appeared before also got lots of little pimples on the sides of my face <---not cool...debating wheather or not to cut 3 days in advance or not :-/

  21. so i started Beta Alanine a week ago and omfg...... Talk about a pump and a 1/2 and str increase i was benching up to 245 with like 275 my max... Now i did 245 for 6 lol like it was a joke.

    And i started with some ephedra and up your mass from MHP. My o My lol

    Im 195 11% bf need to be 205 and 7% for summer lol

  22. Just finished reading through the thread,.. good stuff man! Plenty of time to reach that summer goal. Your vid on the hacks,..AWESOME!! Did you get to 1k yet? Keep up the good work!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  23. Nah i said **** the 1k lol, My knee is still f'd up since i fell down my steep stairs on my bday lol. 15 that is and straight into the wood work of the door, So focusing on hitting that goal instead of hitting that 1k

  24. So, looks like you gained 7 pounds of weight and 20 pounds on lifts? Is that an accurate observation?

  25. 20lbs on the lift with beta alanine 7lbs from training with my buddy and having a spotter everytime so i can do 12/10/8/6/4/2


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