Intimidate SRT 12 Week Cycle

  1. Intimidate SRT 12 Week Cycle

    Is this possible?

    I just bought two bottles and was thinking of going for 12 weeks to see if I can really maximize the results.

    I will be stacking this with X-Gels (50 days - 2g on days; 0.5-1g off days), Anabeta Elite (8 weeks), and Alpha T-2 (2 caps in the AM).

    Also, once the cycle is complete I will be going on Tropinol XP and Erase Pro. I know it's recommended to go from TXP to Intimidate, but what about the other way around?


  2. I don't think its a good idea to suppress estrogen that long.. it might not f you up but I would think your joints would become very sore.. add that to ARA and man you will be miserable... I would switch it around like its recommended to use txp first. it will maximize your test output during the time your gaining strength from the ara. then when u switch it up later you can bring it up a little more to help keep your strength up and hopefully keep you gaining.
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  3. Does txp need an AI?

  4. yeah i'm not sure i'd want to supress estrogen that long......the stack you have looks awesome

    i'm guessing they recommend trop first is because you'll be increasing test and then using the AI afterwards...the other way around you'd be reducing estrogen and then boosting test afterwards which technically could cause some problems but with the erase pro you wouldn't have to worry about that.....but now that i look again, that would be 12 weeks SRT and 4 weeks of Erase Pro? thats 16 weeks of estrogen reduction, that could cause a rebound once you come off
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