iForce rep please....

  1. iForce rep please....

    Is Dexaprine the replacement for tt-33 going forward?. I notice the red bottles are gradually being phased out by the new black bottles and new names

    Whats the future for tt-33?

    Im concerned because its by far the best fat melter out there, peroid, and my nervous system has tried them all! (fried!)

  2. Dexaprime is not a replacement for TT33. TT33 is still a product of its own. For now, regardless of its bottle color, TT33 remains in our line-up, hopefully for a great deal of time but who knows what will happen with the restrictions being placed on so many ingredients by the fda now a days. I wouldn't be surprised if they raised a stink over 3,3 / 3,5.

    Regardless, glad you are enjoying TT33.. IMO, it is an amazing fat burner when dosed appropriately and used correctly.


  3. still recommend 8 weeks on at 4 per day? Just finished one tub, going for a second....

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RogerBob View Post
    still recommend 8 weeks on at 4 per day? Just finished one tub, going for a second....
    I have always found, best results came from dosing 4 caps, 30 minutes before breakfast. Up to 8 weeks is fine. Some people do increase doses past 4 caps, but the directions state up to 4, so I have to go with that. The choice is yours to increase to 6, like many have done.


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