Iforce Fadogia 500 replacement batch

  1. Iforce Fadogia 500 replacement batch

    Just to clarify since the other thread got deleted and I really have no idea what happened after I posted as I was away all weekend..

    My scale is accurate to 10 mg.. I weighed 30 caps, the best average I got

    6.88 gms in total per 10 caps. that is 688 mg per cap . The EMPTY cap weighs 130 mg ... so what does that give us ? 558 mg per cap... there should be a minimum of 625 mg per cap...

    so to put in simple terms for ppl thats 67 mg missing in every cap meaning in 90 caps we should have had 625 mg x 90 caps = 56.25 gms
    but we got 558 mg x 90 caps = 50.22 gms of active

    thats around 6 gms or equivalent to 9-10 caps "missing" in the bottle.. meaning the bottle is equivalent to 80-81 caps vs 90 that it should have been

    NOT STIRRING DRAMA, I don't belong to any company I am bringing this up as it is STILL an issue

    To all these ppl that weighed it and got 7 gms for 10 caps.. well guess what ? that means it is actually off as the weight of the empty caps are 1.3 gms per 10 caps

    which means each caps has 570 mg instead of 625 mg .....

  2. The caps here show a weight of 60-75mg each. Each pill is 625mg of raws.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    The caps here show a weight of 60-75mg each. Each pill is 625mg of raws.
    hmm say again now?


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    Originally Posted by mw1
    So that just means there is some inconsistency in the weight of caps from bottle to bottle.......no biggie

    it never gets old...

    actually, no. everyone who has posted so far has been using a gram scale. talk about room for error.

    mw1, why dont you go pick up a mg scale(just like I have) so you can actually know what things truly weigh.

    you think a gram scale isn't going to be off my 20-50mg? even if you use 10 pills, you honestly think it doesn't round to the nearest 10mg or 100mg? lol you're absolutely retarded.

    there is no reason for you to be posting in the iForce section any longer. this is the last time I am going to say keep out. If you'd like me to contact Brian, I'd be MORE than happy to. At this point, your words are well into libel, and I have no issues pushing this as far as you need.

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    Actually I never got a chance to reply to this thread since you had it locked. Its pretty funny that question that you are repeatedly attacking your PAYING customers for questioning the weight of their pills. From what YOUR customers are reporting there seems to be a wide variation in the weight of the caps, so perhaps you should be attacking your manufacturer that should be testing the cap weight throughout production( FYI -thats generally what you would want from your manufacturer)

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  5. Hey guys...this is my last comment on this stuff. I've rechecked everything so many times as this point.

    If anyone doesn't want their replacement bottles of fadogia, PM me and you will be reimbursed. Simple as that.

    Here is a picture I just took of my 1mg jewelers scale for verification. The capsule weighed was never used in production but is the same used for the fadogia-500 pills. Note since it was never used, there is no powder residue inside causing it to be heavier than normal.

    Don't forget, 20-30mg is VERY tiny.

    PM box is open for anyone who wants a reimbursement.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  6. I weighed empty pills 100% empty repeatedly, I have capped so many products and I know 00 pills weigh 110 to 130 mg... and My scale is calibrated as well. Again not here to stir issues but thats the exact weight that I have, try weighing the whole capsules and see what you get as well...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post

    I dont know about the weight of the caps ,but I will say that is one dirty/nasty scale. I hope you clean it before you use it for anything you consume

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