Whats up Hi-Tech!

Saw you guys just came out with the retro Ultimate Orange Preworkout. This was my favorite product back in the 90's and I have used the OG Dan Duchaine version.

Super happy to see this return.

Wondering if a Rep can hook me up with a unit and in return I will gladly do a review of this product. I would like to compare it to Mesomorph, Wicked and Dust Extreme. Currently I would give "Wicked" the thumbs up as the strongest out of the 3 that I mentioned, but all of them are good. I would also like to say how it compares to the OG version, taste, and action, etc... @VaughnTrue

EIther way if this is not possible, heres some info for the forum to check this product out!!

Just one serving of Ultimate Orange delivers...

1,3 DMAA (65mg)
Ephedra (25mg)
Caffeine (100mg)
13 Grams of Hydropro Whey
Available in Powder Form, Not Pills, Capsules or Tablets

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