Back by popular demand, now you can order outside the US with packages I have put together in the "International" section at

Click here for the GET DIESEL International Order section at

Some combos are not showing up under this section, so check the GET DIESEL section as well

Here you will find combos that get you GET DIESEL products almost at US prices when you order in bulk. For instance, as of today (17 Jan 2015) you can order 8 DIESEL TEST Limited Edition shipped worldwide to any country for $45 per bottle delivered! Get with your buddies and go in on a bogo order. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram #getdiesel

In 2014 I stopped International shipping because it was costing $65 USD to ship anything outside the US. Also if you have anything you want order as a combo, email me at fefifonutrition @ gmail dot com and I will add it. -Chuck