Slin Sane (OG) and IF dosing

  1. Slin Sane (OG) and IF dosing

    Before I pull the trigger on ordering a couple bottles of Slin Sane I have some questions hopefully someone can help me out with. I'm following Leangains currently, typical 3 meals/day. Training days, my fast breaks at 1pm (lunch), 5pm (dinner) and 9pm (Post WO). Meals 1 and 2 are typically around 80-90 carbs so should I take 1 cap with meals 1 and 2 or just my pre-wo meal (meal 2)

    On off days feeding is the same but carbs are around 30-40g/meal. I was thinking of just taking 1 cap before bed on off days. Would this have any negative effect insulin while following LG's and does that sounds like a good dosing protocol?

  2. Interested to see response from Genomyx on this.
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  3. I ended up ordering anyways. Gonna run 1 cap pre workout on training days and try 1 cap before bed on off days.

  4. I would probably just do1 cap pre w/o....iirc leangains is pretty low carb so insulin sensitivity should be bumping. Correct me if I'm wrong my friend.

    I love SS and am happy to see it back.

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