Slin-sane question on timing with carbs

  1. Slin-sane question on timing with carbs

    Im hearing some people say Slin-sane V1 block carbs, speed carbs to muscle, etc etc. Not really understanding whats its doing behind the scenes and how to use it beyond the basics on the bottle. I got product on hand and dying to use it from all the reviews to try to recomp over the next few months. What I dont want to do is mistime/misfeed with these putting on alot of carb fat. Please clarify on how to dose with high cabr vs low carb days, nighttime, etc etc for mucho bro-love

    Bonus points if you can tell me how to dose ALA and green coffee bean extract with them (also got on hand).

    My diet on high carb days is still mostly clean complex carbs like whole oats, beans, peas, quinioa, lentals, brown rice, sweet potatos, green veggies, and mixed meats, limited dairy and very limited fat. (exception is recovery shake is Scivation mass builder so some simples in it). On low carb days most greens, salad, lean meats, whey with fiber instead of recovery drink, some extra health fats.


  2. Just dose your SS, ALA, and GCB 20-30 prior to your two highest carb meals (excluding post workout shake and carb if you have one do following your workout).
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  3. When Genomix returned to OLD formula of slin-sane?? ( )

    I was a fan of the OG formula ...and I'm ahappy that it's eturned . What happened to the V2 formula? has it be discontinued?

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