1. eviscerate

    when taking eviscerate do i have to take it on an empty stomach (because of the yohimbine, as i know thats how oral yohimbine must be administered)? also do you have to exercise after applying in order to brun up the fatty acids that are being released and preventing them from resettling? any genomyx reps?

  2. Transdermal application bypasses digestion, don't need to apply on an empty stomach.
    I usually apply twice a day.
    Morning and pre workout.
    Exercise raises body temp, it just makes sense to add something with thermogenic properties.

    Btw Genomyx no longer makes this. Evo Muse does now.

    Edit: I should add, my application preference is just my own personal theory. I doubt it's necessary.
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  3. I'd recommend post-shower applications; and as mentioned above, fasted/fed state matters none regarding Eviscerate due to bypassing the gut.
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