Thank you Abliderate Advanced and Eviscerate

  1. Thank you Abliderate Advanced and Eviscerate

    Abs progress thanks to Abliderate:

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    Just progress -- side chest 3/09, 7/10 - at my last show, and 3/15

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  2. This is a perfect illustration of how Abliderate Advanced works. Note that in the pictures, Firedrake is flexing the abs, trying to vacuum, but the adipose tissue underneath the muscle prevents him from doing so completely.

    After the Abliderate Advanced does its thing, the vacuum is able to be performed without obstacle.

  3. I have to confess, I was surprised by quite how well it works, and how quickly.

  4. That's some amazing work Firedrake!

  5. The vacuum brought out the obliques a lot as well, epic progress man.


  6. Great job holding on to your size while cutting. You did very well preserving your muscle!

  7. If you attempt a vacuum and cannot bring your abs at least 3/4" under the level of
    your rib cage, you HAVE a VAT problem.

  8. Bodybuilder and Tool maker.

  9. Truly amazing results. Congrats.

  10. Thanks, everyone. Now, let's see how much detail can come out in the next five weeks with the diet, training, E. and AA. <grin>

  11. Holy crap. that is some amazing progress!!!!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  12. It is really good to get user feed back from someone who understands the difference between sub-cutaneous fat and VAT

    It's even better that the user feedback is as detailed as yours. Thanks your hard work is paying off!

  13. Here we are today, 26 days out. Things are starting to come in. I can see the obliques and serratus move when I flex, even though they're not that clear here. 214.6 lbs., down from 251 at Christmas:

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  14. So from the beginning weight (first picture) to the next interval (Second picture, referring to the last set of pictures on the first post) how long did it take you to get those results?

  15. I have not measured and I don't have pics, but man Ill tell you my mirror demonstrates excellent progress and I have been using AA for maybe 20 days. I love it. After workout/shower I apply it liberally and its been awesome.


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