Couture vs. Ortiz this friday, your pick?

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  1. Couture vs. Ortiz this friday, your pick?

    My money is on couture, after all, tito was afrait to fight liddel.

  2. Beta,
    I noticed U of F in the location area under your avatar. R U currently a student or Alum.? U R in good hands here bro. Theres plenty of current students, soon to be students and "retired" students on htis board from Gville. Im supposed to be possibly meeting a couple up there for the Ole Miss game which is coming up.


  3. db682, im a junior at UF, hopefully we can finally get our football team together soon!

  4. But tito was afraid of chuck because he has a different style.
    I think tito will win, he has been training non-stop, lots of jiu jitsu.
    I'm more interested in the pride bushido event anyway, thats going to kick ass.

  5. i haven't seen anything extremely recent out of ortiz, im basing my assumption on coutures improvement as of late.

    what i want to see is mike tyson beat bob sapp in K1! first round KO.

  6. tito was not affraid of chuck.. he was doing movies and such and just wanted mroe money... he has also said he would love to fight chucky after he beats Randy.. and he will beat randy.

  7. movies? tito v. liddel would be something to see too!

  8. Did anybody catch the Byrd/Oquendo fight this past weekend?

    Wow, those judges done funked up that fight. Byrd got his a$$ handed to him by means of actual stats and the decision came out unanimous in favor of Byrd.

  9. Wasn't tito hurt before the liddel fight? I know he was having knee problems at one point.

  10. Tito will whoop his ass, we need a online bookie for this type of ****

  11. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Tito will whoop his ass, we need a online bookie for this type of ****

    haha.. thare are lots but i donno if they will accept homebrewed chems insted of cash

  12. Ah c'mon, where's the fun in that then? Someone on here must be willing to do it Ow Ow!

  13. haha i know homebrews are same as $ in my book!
  14. Thumbs up

    Well the fight was tonight....anyone see who won? My money was on Tito! Hopefully he pulled though...

  15. You should probably ask this after the fight has happened

  16. im not going to be able to see it tonight! grr!

  17. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    You should probably ask this after the fight has happened

    Yeah I was never quite sure exactly how that process worked.

    *hey, you learn something new every day*

  18. Well i'll update cha hehe
    He got his ass kicked. Whoever is owed homebrews will recieve monday

  19. that was ****ty eh.. but it set up some ok **** for the future... hopefully they will give vitor a rematch with randy and then maybe tito vs chuck can finally happen... then maybe a title shot for the winner.

  20. i didn't get to see it, what happened?

  21. randy just kept putting tito on his back and once tito was there he really couldn't do much to get out of it. tito looked frustrated throughout cuz he is not used to being put on the ground... randy didn't really get too many shots in... but early in the fight he was very close to sinking a choke in on tito... and at the very end of the match tito was going for a knee bar andrandy just smiled and started spanking him lightly on his ass and then it was over.

    but tito showed alot of class and after the match he raised randys hand and even put the belt on him.

  22. tito showed a lot of class? thats good to hear. well good for randy.

  23. well it is more then most people expected from him... i woulda expected him to throw the belt on the ground and storm outa the ring... but at showed that he can be respectful(even if it is only for 2 minutes).

  24. i would have expected something like that too, ive seen tito fight a few times before... he strongly dislikes losing. esp. to frank!

  25. haha true... but frank is the best ever so he can't really be that mad cuz he knew he would lose


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