Prayer Request Thread

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  1. Nice this post. A prayer to all of you, your loved ones and your families.

  2. I pray everyone on this forum knows God's plan for their lives......His plans never fail.
    "For I know the plans I have for you to give you a Hope and a Future."

  3. Stay strong guys, whatever trouble your going through will definetly make you stronger and yes it may troublesome now but you will learn so much from it. Keep fighting, and never give up

  4. Prayers for my gyno surgery would be appreciated! Suffered thirough this crap for 5 years. Its turned me into a recluse/hermit, withdrawn, havent swam in a pool, its affected my life more than I care to realize and today I just got together the last bit of money needed for surgery. Its surreal being so close to moving on. I'm planning on having the surgery done within the next 4-6 weeks, mostly dependent on the Dr's opening. I hope and pray that my surgery goes well, and that the results make me happy. I pray that I can finally leave this dark chapter of my life and move on to something better.

  5. Prayers going up brother.....that all goes well and you're able to return to a normal life.



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