Hey guys! Ive been a long time member here and I want to ask for you help

  1. Hey guys! Ive been a long time member here and I want to ask for you help

    It would MUCH appreciated. I designed a site that I think could have some potential and I'm asking you guys to help me out by visiting it and adding a few comments and telling your friends about it.

    Heres the link: www.whatsmyrep.com but read on to find out how it works its kinda confusing.

    About the site. Its basically an IRL reputation site, like ebay only in real life. You can add people to the site and then make a comment about em and rate them etc. So say someone borrowed $500 and took off and never payed it back or your girlfriend cheated on you, or whatever you can think of, you can get on my site and post up your story about the person for everyone to see. So next time they try to borrow money or get in to a relationship they'll be screwed cause the person will get on the site and check your post and wont lend em money! lol. So its pretty cool.

    Basically add a person to the site, then go to their page and add a comment about them etc... or search for people. The site is brand new though so there wont be anyone on there really.

    Also, if you guys have any ideas or suggestions or see any glitches let me know. I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks for the help guys!

  2. Oh and I forgot to add that any comments you make on the page or any people you add its completely anonymous.

  3. There already is a 'online reputation' site. It is called 'Myspace' and I use it frequently to pick up underage girls.

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