Running shoes for different sports?

  1. Running shoes for different sports?

    Those of you who play many sports, do you have a few pairs of runners? I know for baseball, soccer, or football cleats are good. How about for people who run casually, play tennis, workout, ball hockey, basketball, ultimate frisbee etc?
    Could one get away with a Crosstrainer for weight training as well as team sports? In running shoes better than X trainers for casual baseball or football? Crosstrainers good for indoor vball?

    I play softball and I am one of those who don't have cleats. Next season I might try a pair but I have bad ankle so I don't know if cleat provide enought cushion. I usually have a pair of running shoes and a pair of crosstrainers and will wear those depending on what the surface is like.

    Now, how about brands? I think the higher priced shoes have nice technology and difference but for shoes under $80 are they pretty much equal? After all, a lot of them are made in China or Mexico. Consensus suggest that New Balance and Asics are good runners, Addias, Reebok, Nike are very popular, and Brooks, Saucony etc are undervalued?
    What do you wear and why? Is it beyond image?

  2. I think cross trainers are the best. I like Adidas as a brand.

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