Baltimore Cop LOSES IT...

  1. Baltimore Cop LOSES IT...

    ...on a 14 year old kid! Dude needs to chill!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Baltimore cops V.S. skateboarder[/ame]

  2. Good lord. I found it funny that he was telling the kid that if he kept acting like that he was gonna get killed. Obviously behaving like the cop is how you would get yourself killed. That guy should lose his job for sure. I'd love to see how he acts when someone is actually giving him sh*t.

  3. Famous last words, "You got that camera on? If I find myself..."
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  4. I saw tat yesterday, man that cop is screwed

    I watched a new segmant on all kinds of rotten cops. The worst was the 2 cops that threw the crippled guy from his chair

  5. How did he pass the psychological evaluation ?

  6. No guys, putting a kid in a headlock and dragging him to the ground for disrespect is completely appropriate.. since disrespect, walking away from a cop, and talking back to people are all against the law.. I hope this **** lost his job

  7. Yet more internet gold from Attack of the Show.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. OMG!! What a D!CK!!!
    LOL! hope he gets fired. those kind of cops give all cops a bad name.

  9. See America it is possible to have RAGE w/o ROIDS all you have to do is be a D!ck.

  10. he's mad because he has to drive that little ass hybrid car around lol. either that or he cant get it up anymore and his wife is always at my house providing me with a cum dumpster.

  11. I really think the kid had the gist of the situation after the first minute... anal retention about a person calling you dude to get you even more PO'd... priceless (when he gets his supervisor yelling at him)

    btw... nascar called about getting their uniform back

  12. wonder how this turned out. That guy surely needs to be fired.

  13. He was suspended (for now.)

    He has abeen on the force for 17 years

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Gtarzan81 View Post
    wonder how this turned out. That guy surely needs to be fired.
    I'm pretty sure he's just suspended right now pending the investigation.

    On a similar note...
    I thought the other one, where the cop flipped over the guy in the wheelchair, was worse than that one.

  15. The cop is suspended, hopefully without pay. I saw this on the news yesterday. That cop was a prick. The kid was 14! Big fcuking deal. He was 14 and breaking the rules, which happens a lot. The cop has his ass sewn too tight.

    Kid: "Dude, dude, dude!"

    Cop: "SIT DOWN! I'M NOT A DUDE!"

  16. Last summer, I saw a similar situation near my house where this cop was really rough-housing this little kid. I would say the kid was 11-13. So the cop flips him, gets him down and empties the kid's pockets. The cop was, literally, pulling candy out of the kid's pocket and then pulls out a pair of dice and looks triumphant like, "See, I told you!" I then (it's just in me) ask the cop if he thought he was being a bit excessive? After all, it wasn't a violent crime, nor is its illegal to possess dice. The cop tries to get in my face and I let him know straight out that I'm personal friends with the District Attorney and I WOULD NOT be bullied or intimidated. I asked for his supervisor to be present and sure enough, I was apologized to and told that I could make a civilian complaint about the officer, which I did. Someone videotaped it and I believe the kid's parents sued. I mean, there are drugs, robbieries and violence all around and this is where this "Officer" decides to flex his muscle? It was disgusting. Once I stood up, the community got behind me. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate cops. I value them and wish they made more money and had more training. I just hate bullies.

  17. I remember when I got into trouble, last summer. I had begun getting into the whole bodybuilding scene. I lost a lot of body fat and packed on a lot of muscle. I saw veins and lines that I've never seen before. Some people couldn't believe how huge I was getting. Well, needless to say, when a tall, skinny state trooper showed up to arrest me, he called for backup. So, more state troopers, and even city cops, came. I'd had a cop walking in front of me, one on each arm, and one walking behind me. It was interesting. People stared at me like I was some kind of murder suspect or something.


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