Poll: Favorite Major Fast Food Chain (your FMFFC, fumfuc for short)

What's your favorite Fast Food jizoint

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  1. KFC especially if they have spicey chicken!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by WannaBeHulk View Post
    wendys all the way!!! 2 junir bacon cheeseburgers with biggie sized fries and a frostee to dip the fries in. now thats a sexy meal!
    Wendy's used to be the best food EVAR when I back in high school... late night Wendy's-runs after a night of boozing... **** was GOLD! I remember a few years back that they increased the JBC's to like $1.50 or something, and I was devasted.. ruined it for me!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GRIFF1966 View Post
    KFC especially if they have spicey chicken!
    Yeah man... hot wings/spicey chicken has got to be one of my favorite all time foods. Without a doubt!

  4. Taco Bell is unbeatable. Lol.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LiftNDestroy View Post
    Chipotle but that's really cause I can get a Burrito Bowl there and still keep it healthy. Otherwise, let's keep it Texas, and vote WHATABURGER! Straight SMOKES any of those chains!
    Mmmm, Chipotle.

  6. In & Out all the way, best burgers you can get! Taco Bell is pretty good too, but I only eat the Double Decker Taco and the Chalupas.

  7. Haha that's what I get @ Wendy's, but add a small chili.

  8. Popeye's all the way. Spicy fried chicken, red beans with rice and a couple biscuits


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