What kind of car does everyone drive?

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  1. haha, no offense gmmonkey, but those cars are piss slow. My friends 00 2.5rs ran like 84mph through the traps in the quarter mile, thats just straight up sad.

  2. Jarconis is my co-Pilot...He shows me where all the cute little SuperBikes are. "Clint...we have a Gixxer 1000 closing in at 6'oclock"

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  3. Here's my ride. It's my dope azz cavalier. I smoke da ricers, M3 drivers, whoever left and right. Chevy Power!

  4. Jarconis

    I know it is **** slow but, when do you ever do the 1/4 mile, in Toronto, with snow on the ground for about 4-5 months of the year, and the closest track 1.5 hours away.  Add to the fact a bill in the process of being introduced that will result in the loss of license/car for street racing.   I did not buy it for street racing or 0-60 times I bought it for all wheel drive and good handling, other option was an audi A4 now that is super **** slow.  I could have gotten a Mustang or Firebird& nbsp;which are only usable for about 8 months of the year.    


  5. Originally posted by Jarconis
    haha, no offense gmmonkey, but those cars are piss slow. My friends 00 2.5rs ran like 84mph through the traps in the quarter mile, thats just straight up sad.
    Not everyone buys a car to race man....

  6. My Fav is when it is raining or snowy those ricers do not seem so anxious to race, I wonder why?

    just responded to him spoutin off is all, I guess some guys dont take cars as seriously as Sc300tt and I do.

  7. what do u drive? =)

    BTW gmonkey was talking about ricers racing each other, not racing against him. you prolly just read it the wrong way

  8. 95GT with stuff done

  9. To me anyways when i hear ricer i'm thinking about the car w/ the huge heavy ass spoilers, the massive bodykits sticking 2 feet out in front of them not painted, neon lights, a few type R decals all over the car and an unnecessarily loud exhuast for their 130HP car w/ a coffe can tip, and best buy sound system pulling up next to everyone revving their engines.

    Usually driven by a 120lb guy w/ white glasses and a wife beater, or a 350lb fatass w/ weight reduction mods done to his civic to make his quarter mile faster.

    I have a bodykit on my car and a spoiler and a bunch of aftermarker crap, and my car is an import, but i do NOT consider myself to be a ricer, because it's actually semi fast, and looks clean, not like it can fly, know what i'm sayin?

  10. yeah, Ive had my car on jackstands before, and this same lil punk kid who lives down my street, will stop his automatic civic, through it in neutral, rev his **** at me, then put it back and drive and go down my street. So sad...

  11. I have a '99 Neon R/T. I had all around ground effects, clear tails, carbon-fiber mirrors, hood, 3-stars, blah, blah, blah..........
    but, I had wrecked it pretty good before. Most of it was saveable, but I decided to just put the stock parts back on. I didn't need anymore "sticking out" so the cops, etc. would leave me alone.
    I used to be a wild-ass back in high school, and it was time to grow up.

    I had just bought (actually am buying) a 2002 Ford Focus. Its reliable for now, and it gets me from point A to point B. Thats all im worried about right now. Plus, my neon is beat to hell, people couldn't believe how bad I used to beat that thing. And I got a pretty kick-a$$ waranty on it, as well as an all around good deal.

    I might do some stuff to it, haven't decide it yet. cuz it might add more value to it, since there more to it as well as keeping it nice for when i do get rid of it. (the focus that is)

    as for the neon, I would hate to get rid of it, I just have too many good memories w/ it.

    btw, my parents had a 2001 Subaru Legacy. (they get a new car like every 1-2 years) I have to say that it was real nice, ie, auto-stick, alloy wheels, stereo, big 'ol wing, AWD, etc. etc. I was gonna actually just take over the payments, but we couldn't get it to work out. I wish i did though even though its not that fast, its still a nice ride.

  12. miss my damn lexus 300es,damn car was like a tank and u ddint feel **** no bump it felt like riding on air..smoother than my gf's shaved cooter

  13. Im thinking about trading in My Honda for the Dodge Ram Rod or the Dodge Ram SRT-10. Both are bad ass but I would prefer the SRT-10. A viper engine in a truck. 500+ hp stock and track times that have yet to be matched by any other truck out. Damn. I love Fords but that is a serious truck. I would love to just park it in my garage and run it on the weekends. Besides I get to drive around the track at Daytona International Speedway all the time in my rides now. I would love to push 500 horses around the track.


  14. Some more... because I love my truck.

  15. Yeah baby.

  16. VERY nice db

  17. I just wanted to show a couple different angles on mine:

  18. another:

  19. Shick, Id recommend upper and lower billet, drop kit (how much would depend on new rims and tires if that applied), and Rims and tires. Otherwise the truck is pretty much there. The paint and the hood are two bad ass mods that Im gonna have to look back into. Cervini's makes a bad ass ram air hood and kit for my truck but its about 6 bills unpainted. Im also looking at an Innovation Sport tonneau cover with a built in pitched spoiler. **** pictures are worth a thousand words so Ill let you see what Im talking a bout with a few of my friends trucks.

  20. Another, this is the Hood I want. They both have the Tonneau I want with the small spoiler.

  21. DB -Yep, I want a drop kit really bad. I was going to go modest, with a 3/4. Billet is also on my wish list, but not a priority. I just got the entire truck repainted 3 months ago and had the ghost flames put on...My cash flow situation is still pretty bad from it.

  22. I roll in a 2003 chrome silver nissan maxima se. I have two 12 inch alpine type r subs and mb quart components powered by alpine and phoenix gold amps, all running off an alpine head unit.

    Exterior mods are just a few, I have clear side markers and a rear windshield sticker. Suspension mods are a rear sway bar and front strut power bar. Only power mod so far is a frankercar intake, the thing sounds insane!

    EDIT: Sorry bud, i had to shrink down your pic, it was way too huge. This is 30% of the original, lol.

  23. I drive the exact opposite of JonBlaze's camry! It's a 4 cylinder automatic and it's completely stock, the left mirror is currently duct-taped on because some drunk motherf*cker swiped it off while i was out of town. It's also usually superbly dirty. But the stereo sounds good enough for me 99% of the time, the AC works like no other, and it gets great gas mileage! More money for fun!

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  24. 2003 jeep wrangler x....always wanted a jeep. had a full size dodge
    ram but then i sold out all my racecar operation so didn't need a truck to haul the car anymore. so i traded it in and got my jeep...friggin' love it. we got alot of jeep trails here thru the mountains so this fall is gonna be real nice.

  25. I am leasing at 2002 Nissan Maxima SE. Previous to that I had a 99 Max SE. Before that... 87 Toyota Supra Turbo x2, 85 Toyota Corolla GTS, 89 Celica GTS, 85 Fiero POS, 80 Mercury Capri.


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