Look what the cat dragged in......

  1. Look what the cat dragged in......

    I gave an invitation to my very first friend from bb.com, Ovrttrainer, and he accepted and made his way over to our board. I'm sure a lot of you know him as as a bb.com vet and also as Rick Collin's bitch (heh, sorry.)

    All kidding aside, please give him a warm welcome. He's a really smart bro, and i expect him to be a great addition to our board.

  2. Its great to have you here OVRT!

  3. Thanks JB and WW... Looks like a great board as all the guys I really liked from BB.com seem to have made their way over here. Should be fun!

    BTW...not working for Rick right now as I had taken time off to study for the bar (which is tomorrow LOL) and I may have received an offer I can't refuse from elsewhere. That said, regardless of what my future might hold, I learned an AMAZING amount from working with Rick, who is a great guy and an even better attorney, and I have much to share with everyone.

  4. OVRT--are you mike's law clerk?

  5. welcome to the board! I'm new also, and so far have learned a great deal. Goodluck on your BAR exam!

  6. Welcome to the board, I hope it provides as much use to you as it has to me.

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  7. Welcome bro, enjoy. Later J

  8. Originally posted by spike1205
    OVRT--are you mike's law clerk?
    Actually I am Mike...I should be studying right now but I was just blowing off a little stress by checking out the boards. I haven't been around for quite some time. Thanks for the warm welcome boys!

  9. Go to see you here bro. OVRT will be a fine addition to the AM crew...

  10. welcome aboard overtrainer..

  11. sorry i meant ricks clerk--but i was thinking your name was mike--welcome over--whats the bar in like two days?
    good luck--ill be doing the same next year--

    are you going to work for rick when you are done?


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