Ok, here's the game. Someone asks "What's up with....[whatever]?" You quote that, and reply with a completely BS theory to explain it. Logic and background knowledge of the subject at hand are not necessary, and ignorance is encouraged.

Let's have fun, and hopefully try not to offend anyone (too much).

Think of this like, if you've ever seen Half Baked, the explanation of how Killer died, as told by Jim Bruer's character.

What's up with Kirstie Alley?
After the cancellation of the popular sitcom based in a Boston bar, Cheers, Kirstie was stuck trying to find work in order to keep up with her expensive, TV Star lifestyle. Unfortunately, she really was never that great of an actress to begin with (and working with Ted Danson doesn't really add a whole lot of appeal to one's resume).
Her career hit an alltime low when she appeared in the Olsen Twins movie, It Takes Two, which apparently took two washed up 80's stars to co-star in it (Alley & Steve Guttenburg).
It wasn't until a couple years later, she heard an advertisement about Jenny Craig for weightloss, while she was working at the Payless Shoe Source. She had a brilliant idea, and called Jenny from a nearby payphone.
The deal was that she would purposefully gain about 100lbs of fat in order to go "Hey look! Remember me? I got fat, but look how much I've lost with Jenny Craig (but am still kinda fat)". This type of selling out your health and body has only been replicated by Charlize Theron, in her attempt to win an Academy Award for her work in the film, Monster. Essentially, Kirsty has worked out a deal in which she can make a living by not paying attention to what she eats. She just totally pwned us.

So what's the deal with that Gixxer82 character? (Freakin' noob).