UCP-1 named after mouse protein?

  1. UCP-1 named after mouse protein?

    Okay, so i've heard that UCP-1 is named after its ingredients, namely:

    Usnic acid

    but bieng the biology major that I am, I researched a little more on the uncoupling reactions and found that there is a protein found in mice named UCP-1 that is a mitochondrial membrane transport protein that is critical to the thermoregulation of cells. I was wondering if this was purely coincidence, or if that is really where the name comes from.

  2. coincidence.. lol

  3. Coincidense
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  4. Chemo's not that smart .. TTY
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  5. UCP-1 (uncoupling protein 1) is also existent in humans. However, it has a restricted expression in adults.

    If you want to stimulate your human UCPs, have a tablespoon or more of olive oil daily.

  6. While naming, we had noticed that UCP1 stood for uncoupling protein. The initial idea was U - UA, C - carnitine, P - pyruvate. The "1" came from the fact that it was our original formula and might have undergone switches after the beta trial (even though it did not) and because it references CPT-1 which is important in fatty acid oxidation. Combine that with the fact that UCP stands for uncoupling protein (even though this different from Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation) and it seemed like a pretty cool name....

    Much better than my original idea "Fat ****"...which stood for the fact that we would have fat ****s like you guys using the product hehehe ...and that its ****ing the fat up... there you have it... LOL!

  7. sheesh.

    isn't the human one called ucp-3? not that it matters or anything.

  8. Humans have 5 UCPs, UCP1, UCP2, UCP3, UCP4, and UCP5.

    Amongst these 5 there are also slight differences that causes a different naming, meaning there are more than one of certain of those UCPs...


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