How To Make a Fifi / Booty Hole!

  1. How To Make a Fifi / Booty Hole!

    Not sure if anyone has seen this, but, it sure will come in handy ( no pun ) for those married and single alike! Not that er have um ever used one I just um er "heard" that it works!

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    the UNDERGROUND - content - How to build a Fifi

    Much Love,


  2. im dumping my 3 gfs and chad

  3. fap fap fap (with the booty hole)
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  4. If you want to upgrade there's always:

  5. When I'm feeling creative, I just use my left hand.
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  6. ..with the right perfume this could work !
  7. tattoopierced1
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    just sit on your left hand and make it go numb... some call it the "stranger" for good reason...

  8. A bullet is $0.10,and you can borrow a gun from a friend,12 gauge to the brain should do the trick.....

  9. Quote Originally Posted by getswole View Post
    A bullet is $0.10,and you can borrow a gun from a friend,12 gauge to the brain should do the trick.....
    I think your reply must have been for the "guns n ammo" thread, this is the "love yourself and everyone else" thread. It's ok I understand some of us are click happy

    Have a great happy day swoley!


  10. EFFIN' A sometimes I use both hands and call it a 3-some!


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