Looking for some advice

  1. Looking for some advice

    OK here is pretty much the run down. MY best friend since highschool started dating a girl around christmas. Now, from that point on he tells me crap that she does and asks for my advice. The gist of it is she has psychological issues and is currently seeing a doc for these issues. Every single time they are out together she ends up snapping out on him and making it very awkward to be around. Now as for the advice i gave him it was pretty much that he could do better and to be careful. Needless to say instead of keeping my advice to himself he ends up using it as fuel during one of their fights. So now these 2 are together and im not to fond of her and shes not to fond of me. He doesnt go anywhere without her because she pretty much has him on a leash so there are no longer guys nights out. I feel that at this point it is pretty much impossible to stay friends with him. Do you guys think im doing the right thing ? Me and several other of his friends have tried to talk to him with no avail.

  2. Hello Machine,

    I think if you have spoken to him the best you can as a friend and he has shunned you, then you can just continue to be his friend. Sometimes "love" or "infatuation" can do strange things to people especially when you're following the great advice that your penis gives you! .....not!

    So just warn him to be careful, maybe help him to see how this could go all wrong ( I mean honestly women are f'n loco enough without adding realtime psychological problems, believe me, the hell hath no fury line is true +10 ) and then leave it be. Continue to be his friend until the day when he snaps out of it and realizes wtf had been going on.

    Hopefully he will see the value of your friendship.

    Much Love,

    <3 Neoborn <3

  3. LOL thanks Neo... i agree 100 percent.. my girlfriend doesnt have any problems and there are days when shes insane

  4. YW, as always talk to more than one person to get some kind of a balanced view, as I may be completely off my rocker myself

    I hope all goes well with you.

    Much Love,


  5. Whatever you tell him he wont listen, just let him keep his distance from everyone until one of them gets over the other.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ItsHectic View Post
    Whatever you tell him he wont listen, just let him keep his distance from everyone until one of them gets over the other.
    sounds too simple and but its 100% true.

  7. WHats messed up is that hes my best friend and i used to enjoy going out with him and our friends for a beer w/o our girlfriends. But for some reason she sees our friendship as some sort of compitition? Which i definatly did not or never saw it as. So pretty much anytime we would go out she would show up and the crap would start.

  8. She dislikes you because she knows or can sense she doesnt have your approval so she sees you as a threat.

    As much as he is your friend, dont take the advice and councilling sessions too seriously, I have given loads of advice to friends and one thing we all came to the conclusion of after a handfull of relationships between us is that you simply cant change a persons actions when there in a relationship by telling them what they should and shouldnt do.


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