Screen problems w/ BDC Forums

  1. Screen problems w/ BDC Forums

    Yes, I know I am a complete computer dumbass. When I get on BDC Forums the screen goes to 1/2 size. Up at the top it says "Setting the Standard", at the right side it says "Transdermals", on the left it has the menu. This leaves me with a small screen in the middle which Forums is on. It used to not be this way. I don't know WTF. If somebody could help me, I would personally vouch for some karma points (if this is not against the rules). Thanks.

  2. Hey bro, its happened to us all.....if you want the full screen then go direct to the forums

    And you'll have a full screen just like the old days

  3. YJ comes thru again. WHEW!! Get down and party. Thanks Bro'.
  4. It happened again

    Once again, I have the small screen for the BDC forum. Typing in gets me nothing. Could somebody help out a bro'? Please.

  5. Yes sir, I can!

    Try this now

    That should do it.....

  6. Thanks Bro's.


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